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JLU Delegation Visits the University of Auckland,New Zealand upon Invitation

April 26, 2018   browse:

A delegation of Jilin University (JLU) led by vice president Zheng Weitao visited the University of Auckland (UOA), New Zealand upon invitation from April 21 to 23. Mr. Zheng met with Professor Stuart McCutcheon, the president of UOA. Then Mr. Zheng and his entourage convened working meetings respectively with over 10 UOA representatives from the School of Postgraduates, Department of International Affairs, Confucius Institute, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering as well as Faculty of Education and Social Work. Academician Yu Jihong, the director of JLU Future Science International Cooperation Joint Lab, Liu He, director of Academic Affair Office, Zhang Guangcui, director of Office of Global Engagement and Sun Junqi, dean of College of Chemistry attended the above activities.

When meeting with President Stuart McCutcheon, Mr. Zheng says that since JLU and UOA established communication relationship in 2008, many high-profile visits had been made, communication and cooperation between some disciplines had been carried out and achieved pleasant results. To achieve the “Double-First Class” initiative (to build world-class universities and first-class disciplines), JLU will become more confident, open and internationalized, and will further enhance the cooperation potential with UOA, spare no effort to support the practical cooperation between JLU and UOA in preponderant disciplines, joint cultivation of talents, international cooperative research to create higher level of program results, and improve the strength of both parties.

President Stuart McCutcheon says that UOA has always been attaching importance to the cooperation with Chinese universities and encouraging UOA’s current students go to China to further their studies. Also we promote the practical cooperation between UOA and Chinese universities through joint cultivation and international cooperative researches. As one of the key comprehensive universities of China, JLU is outstanding in some disciplines due to preponderant teaching and research, for example Chemistry. In the future, based on respective advantages, we hope both parties will be able to further promote the practical cooperation in more disciplines and more levels, to achieve common development in talent cultivation, cooperative research and discipline construction.

Ms. Yu Jihong introduces to UOA representatives the operation mode, research areas, team building and international cooperation network of JLU Future Science International Cooperation Joint Lab. She hopes to take the joint lab as a cooperation platform and invite the state-of-the-art research teams join JLU to achieve high-level cooperation of research teams from the both universities.

Mr. Sun Junqi introduces the history, advantages and teaching features of JLU’s discipline of Chemistry. Also, he puts forwards some cooperation suggestions between the two parties about chemistry discipline or cross-discipline talent cultivation and research.  

Professor Lawrence Jun Zhang, Changbai Mountain Scholar of JLU, assistant dean of UOA Faculty of Education and Social Work, reviews what he did in the past years to help JLU set up teaching team and disciplines of English Language and Literature and so on. He also says that in the future, he will continue to promote the deep cooperation of relevant disciplines between the two parties and give more support to JLU to develop the discipline of foreign language and literature into a national first-level discipline.  

When meeting with the representatives from UOA Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, the two parties introduce the status of discipline construction to each other and discuss the cooperative opportunities through the Future Science International Cooperation Joint Lab. In addition, the two parties reach an agreement upon a joint cultivation program of undergraduates/postgraduates in medical field.

The two parties agree to jointly hold “JLU-UOA Communication Week” in JLU to encourage the two parties achieve preponderant discipline alignment, promote deep communication and cooperation of teachers and students, fulfill win-win cooperation.

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