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Macquarie University-Jilin University Communication Week Successfully Held in Macquarie University, Australia

April 22, 2018   browse:

Macquarie University-Jilin University Communication Week was successfully held in Macquarie University (MU), Australia from April 17 to 19. The two universities signed a memorandum of understanding on postdoctoral projects, held "scientific research workshops in science", "scientific research workshops in audiology" and "international influence seminars in universities". Zheng Weitao, vice president of Jilin University, invited the delegation to participate in the above activities. Bruce Dantone, president of MU and honorary professor of JLU, Sachi Biltolius, vice president for scientific research, Nicole Blige, vice president for foreign affairs, Jim Paipole, the former vice president for scientific research and over 20 representatives from various departments and schools participated in the activities of the Communication Week.

At the opening ceremony of the Communication Week, Mr. Bruce Dantone reviews the 10 years of communication history of the two schools and the practical cooperation results they have achieved in recent years. He says that JLU is the most important cooperative university of MU, and hopes to see more diversified cooperation in high-level talent communication, postgraduate co-cultivating and cooperative research. Mr. Zheng first expresses his appreciation for the efforts MU has made to hold the Communication Week. He pointed out that Jilin University is the most important cooperative University of Macquarie University. He expected the two universities to continue to carry out more diversified and practical cooperation in the fields of high-level talent exchange, postgraduate joint training and scientific research cooperation. In his speech, Zheng first thanked Macquarie University for its hard work in preparing for the exchange week. He said that Macquarie University is the most important strategic partner of Jilin University. The two universities have a solid foundation for cooperation and great potential. It is hoped that this exchange week will open up new space for cooperation in the fields of science and engineering, frontier interdisciplinary and medical science.

During the Communication Week, Mr. Sachi Biltolius and Mr. Zheng, on be half of the two universities respectively, signed the JLU-MU Cooperation Framework Agreement upon Postdoctoral Research Fellow Exchange. They held in-depth discussion about further widen the mode of high-level talent cultivation between the two universities. Academician Yu Jihong, director of JLU Future Science International Cooperation Joint Lab and Professor Sun Junqi, dean of JLU College of Chemistry attended the “Science discipline research workshop”. Apart from the progress made in science disciplines and advanced inter-disciplines, the attendees also discussed the construction of practical cooperation programs of the two parties in the future.  

Professor Li Fan, dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences, and 3 of his collegues, who are making academic communication in Australia, attended the “Audiology research workshop” upon invitation. They visited MU Australian Hearing Hub and Cochlear. Then the two parties reached an agreement on jointly establishing a hearing hub at JLU Norman Bethune Health Science Center, co-cultivation program of Audiology postgraduates and JLU students going to Australian Hearing Hub for training.

In addition, JLU delegation and MU Advanced Degree Research Office jointly held a “Seminar about Universities’ International Influence”. MU shared the experiences how they improved the research data management and university ranking during constructing a world-class university. The two parties discussed talent management, research management and international competitiveness improvement strategy. Mr. Liu He, director of JLU Academic Affair Office together with MU representatives discussed the double-degree program for science undergraduates and international genetic engineering program and reached agreement.  

Established in 1964, MU is a creative university in Australia. Since 2009 when JLU established university-level relationship with MU, the management of the both parties have carried out frequent communication, and conducted in-depth cooperation in disciplines including chemistry, material, medical sciences, business, electronics, mechanics and so on. So far, over 200 students of the two universities have been exchanged, 10 postgraduates of JLU have been to MU for the co-cultivation program. In 2012, JLU and MU initiated staff exchange program, so far 4 staff have been sent to the other party for exchange.

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