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“Stretch your wings for brilliant prospects” Commencement of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) 2018 Chinese Teacher Volunteers to Thailand Training Class

April 17, 2018   browse:

On the morning of Apr13th, 2018, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) 2018 Chinese Teacher Volunteers to Thailand Jilin University Training Class Commencement was held at the academic hall of Hanban International Chinese Education Northeastern Base. Mr. Zheng Weitao, vice president of Jilin University (JLU), Ding Gang, general manager of JLU Logistics Service Group, Zhang Guangcui, director of JLU Office of Global Engagement and director of International Chinese Education Northeastern Base, Bai Bing, deputy director of the Office of Global Engagement and deputy director of International Chinese Education Northeastern Base, teacher representatives for the training, program officers as well as 119 trainees attended the commencement. The ceremony was hosted by Yang Huan, a trainee representative majored international Chinese language education from Heilongjiang University. Dr. Zhang Guangcui red out the name lists of 119 trainees and 10 excellent trainees. Mr. Zheng Weitao awarded certificate of completion to all the trainees and awarded certificate of outstanding trainees to the outstanding trainees.

In his address, Mr. Zheng affirms the efforts the trainees tried during the training and congratulates them on the successful completion of the training. He hopes that the trainees to be sent to respective positions will: 1. Insist “four confidences”, especially the “culture confidence”, remain true to our original aspiration and fulfill our mission; 2. Carry out the spirit of hard struggle, well tell China’s stories and communicate Chinese culture, show China’s elegant demeanor; 3. Combine individual dream into the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the nation, live up to our expectations, dare to be responsible. Finally, he wishes everything goes well with their work in Thailand, be safe, and stretch wings for a brilliant future.

       Li Hongli, a trainee from Qiqihar University made a speech on behalf of the trainees. She shared her insight into the training and expressed on behalf of all the trainees their gratitude for the hard work of Hanban and JLU. She says that the trainees will corroborate their ideals and beliefs, keep increasing their capacity, show personal grace and do well as the civil envoys of Sino-foreign friendly communication. Ms. Han Wenshu from JLU College of Foreign Languages gave a speech as the representative of trainers. She thinks the trainees did quite well in the past 42 days and she hope them keep firm ideal and enhance the confidence upon Chinese culture, be modest and work hard during teaching, be serious and careful when preparing, thinking and reflecting for the class and try to successfully accomplish the overseas teaching tasks.  


  So far, Hanban International Chinese Education Northeastern Base has organized 31 sessions of training for Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) Chinese Teachers and Volunteers Working in Foreign Countries and totally 4,269 trainees have been trained. After 42 days and 300 class hours of training, 119 volunteers completed their studies in this session. JLU has engaged over 20 experts and scholars to give lessons to the trainees, including ideological and political experts, ambassadors, overseas Chinese teaching experts, the administrative teachers from the destination country as well as other experts and scholars of Chinese teaching. The courses offered include Basic Knowledge of Chinese, Chinese Teaching Capacity, Cross-culture Communicative Competence, China’s National Conditions and Culture, Chinese culture talent and Thai. After the training, the trainees will be sent one after another to Thailand for Chinese teaching and culture communication.