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About the College

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The College of Communication Engineering (CCE) of Jilin University was founded by incorporating relevant disciplines of former Changchun Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (CIPT) and the College of Information Science and Engineering of former Jilin University of Technology. CCE is one of the important bases for high-level talents cultivation and scientific research in the fields of communications, automation, electronics, etc.

CCE consists of four departments and one center for undergraduate studies including Department of Communication Engineering, Department of Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentations, Department of Control Science and Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, and Teaching and Experiment Center for electrotechnology and electronics. There are 33 professors (19 are doctoral supervisors) and 53 associate professors; 1 scholar granted The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 professor engaged in the Leading Talents Plan, 1 Changbai Mountain Scholar Distinguished Professor and Adjunct Professor (the highest academic title in Jilin Province awarded to the national-level talents), 1 Tang Aoqing Distinguished Professor and 4 Tang Aoqing Adjunct Professors.

The undergraduate programs of CCE includes Telecommunication Engineering, Automation, Information Engineering, and Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentations. CCE has over 3,000 full-time undergraduates and over 500 postgraduates. The College always has talent cultivation as its primary goal, moral education as a priority, and practice as a focus. Since its establishment, CCE has cultivated more than 10,000 high-level specialized talents.

CCE has 3 provincial level quality courses and 3 provincial prominent undergraduate teaching teams.

CCE specializes in control science and engineering, as well as information communication engineering. In these 2 first-level disciplines, our College now boasts 2 postdoctoral research centers, 2 PhD programs, and 2 key and specialized disciplines at the provincial level. Furthermore, the College has 2 PhD programs of second-level disciplines, one in communication and information system and the other in mode recognition and intelligence system; 5 academic Master’s programs in communication and information system, control science and engineering, signal and information processing, mode recognition and intelligent system, and systems engineering; 2 professional Master’s programs in electronic and communication engineering, together with control engineering. It has also been approved to train doctors of engineering in “Advanced Manufacturing” and to cultivate masters of engineering in electronic and communication engineering and control engineering.

The College has 1 innovative team honored by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, Provincial Research Center of New Communication Technology and Engineering, Provincial Scientific and Technological Innovation Center of Advanced Control and Autonomous System, Key Lab of New Communication Technology under the former Ministry of Information Industry, Key Lab of Information Science under the former Ministry of Information Industry (now Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), Provincial Research Center of Engineering and Technology of Intelligent Signal Recognition, and other key labs and research centers at the provincial level.

Through years of development, the College has set out targeted research directions with distinctive disciplinary features, focusing on signal and information processing in communication, digital image processing, video processing and communication, weak signal extraction and real-time processing, mobile communication network and wireless communication technology, photoelectric devices and optical communication technique, intelligent signal recognition and smart network communication, modeling, optimization and control of complex systems, system simulation and advanced control, intelligent machine and robot control, computer vision and pattern recognition, corporate IT application and integrated production automation, as well as modeling and controlling of automobile engines.

CCE has been committed to scientific research. Since its founding, CCE has undertaken 345 vertical projects with total funding of 108.61 million yuan contracted and 100.47 million yuan received, 294 horizontal projects with total funding of 50.51 million yuan contracted and 48.95 million yuan received, published 1,083 papers on SCI, EI, and ISTP, and won 22 awards at national and provincial levels.

The College attaches great importance to campus culture and students’ overall quality. Since 2008, the students of the College have made presence in domestic and international competitions, including the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Content, Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, China Services Robots Contest, Freescale Cup Smart Car Contest, Entrepreneurial Competition, National English Competition for College Students, and other scientific and technological competitions, with 22 people bringing home international awards, over 120 winning national awards, 240 claiming provincial awards, and more than 600 holding university-level awards.

The College has also maintained close cooperation with foreign universities. For example, the College has begun short-term exchanges with Manchester University in the UK and established 2+2 model (dual Bachelor’s Degrees) with the university in 2013, as well as cooperative training partnership of 3+2 model (Chinese Bachelor’s Degree and American Master’s Degree) with the University of Illinois at Chicago in the US. The College has regularly introduced “Quality Overseas Courses” for the benefit of postgraduates and undergraduates.

Scholarships have been in place, including “Changfei Scholarship”, “Scholarship Contributed by the alumni of CIPT”, “Scholarship Contributed by Etern”, and “Scholarship Contributed by Yueboo Dynamic”, to encourage undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctors who are keen to truths and innovation and who have the integration of sound academic and moral performance and well-rounded development.

Going forward, CCE is poised to achieve its goal of “nation-top and world-renowned college”.