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The College of Communication Engineering Held Exchange Meeting for Young Teachers, Themed on “Do Practical Work for Teachers and Students”, One of Activities of the Party History Learning and Education

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Posted on May 20, 2021

Recently, the College of Communication Engineering (CCE) at Jilin University (JLU) held an exchange meeting for young teachers in the meeting room of the office building, Nanhu Campus. The event aims to carry out the activities of the Party history learning and education, focus on practically developing the College, and strengthen the training of young teachers. The leading group and young teachers of JLU attended this meeting, which was presided over by Deputy Dean LI Xinbo.

First, Dean SUN Xiaoying acknowledged the significance of the exchange meeting for young teachers. He hoped this meeting could give young teachers a chance to raise questions and receive opinions and advice. Therefore, the young teachers can make progress and get motivated, thus forming a positive virtuous circle. He pointed out that young teachers should set a clear direction of teaching and research as early as possible concerning the disciplinary development of JLU and the College.

At the meeting, the vice deans exchanged views with the young teachers within the scope of their respective duties. Vice Dean ZHAO Yan made a detailed introduction of the current national and university-level young talent system. Thus, he informed the young teachers of the latest policies, helped them set a goal, and offered some suggestions on scientific research. Vice Dean HU Fengye emphasized the importance of young teachers in discipline construction and shared personal experience in foreign affairs such as overseas exchanges and international conferences. Vice Dean LI Xinbo revealed the significance of undergraduate teaching from teaching ability, innovation and entrepreneurship practices, and teaching activity reform. WANG Ping and WANG Xue, two Tang Aoqing Young Scholars, as representatives of the young teachers, shared their experiences and ideas in work.

Last but not least, ZHENG Dong, Secretary of the Party Committee in JLU-CCE, conveyed the requirements of the conference on teachers ethics by the General Office, Ministry of Education. ZHENG expounded on the significance of strengthening teachers’ ethics and encouraged the young teachers to keep learning, set a clear goal, enhance their research capabilities, and avoid untargeted endeavors.

Following the meeting, CCE will continue to implement the education activities of learning the Party history through various forms of exchange meetings for young teachers and do more practical work to promote the self-development of young teachers. As such, we can improve disciplinary strength and enhance the teaching and researching capabilities of the young teachers at the College in JLU.