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The 2020 Postgraduate Communication New Technology Development Forum of Jilin Province Was Successfully Held

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Posted on December 14, 2020

On November 26, the 2020 Postgraduate New Communication Technology Development Forum of Jilin Province was held in the College of Communication Engineering (CCE) of Jilin University (JLU). The forum was hosted by Jilin Provincial Association for Science and Technology and co-organized by the Jilin Institute of Communications (JIC) and CCE of JLU.   

The forum was held in a combination of online and offline. JIANG Hongbo, Member of Academic Department of Jilin Provincial Association for Science and Technology, LV Qiang, Executive Vice Chairman of JIC, LIU Ge, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of JIC, MA Chunguang, Director of the Editorial Department of JIC, SUN Xiaoying, Dean of CCE, Professor ZHAO Yan, Deputy Dean of CCE, TANG Lishan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CCE, LIANG Dong, Director of the CCE Postgraduate Office, and some postgraduates attended the forum on site.

Vice Chairman LV Qiang delivered a speech and emphasized the importance of academic forums to promote academic achievement exchanges and innovation in communication technology. He also expressed a wish for closer talks and cooperation between CCE and JIC.

Dean SUN Xiaoying expressed his gratitude to JIC for its continued support for the development of the CCE and its efforts in organizing this event. The forum witnessed the academic improvement of postgraduate students in information and communication and provided researchers in the field with an excellent platform for academic exchanges.

At the scene of the forum, seven Communication Star candidates reported on their academic achievements through slides. With a rigorous, truth-seeking, and pragmatic academic attitude, the professors reviewed the candidates papers comprehensively, including their topic selection, research design, methodology, and findings. They then announced and awarded the first, second, and third prize winners.

The forum ended with an academic discussion session. In this session, the guest teachers, Communication Star representatives, and audiences both online and offline had a passionate discussion on new communication technologies, future trends in a stereo display, key 6G technologies, and deep learning. The forum is highly significant to popularizing and promoting communication technology and students academic improvement who major in communication.