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Mental Health Education for 2022 Undergraduate Freshmen in Adaptation Period: Group Psychological Counseling for Undergraduate Freshmen of College of Communications Engineering

October 10, 2022   browse:

In order to help the 2022 undergraduate freshmen of College of Communications Engineering to better adapt to the university life and deepen the understanding among each other, from 2 October, 2022 to 9 October, 2022, College of Communications Engineering organized a group counseling activity for the 2022 undergraduate freshmen on the theme of “We are a Loving Family”. Under the guidance of the Student Mental Health Guidance Center, student peer counselors and students in charge of psychology of the classes actively cooperated with each other, and the activity was carried out in an orderly manner and achieved satisfactory results.

The activity aimed to help class members to get to know each other, build mutual trust and enhance group cohesion. It was divided into three stages: warm-up, transition and conclusion, all of which were conducted in an interactive manner. In the activity, the host first enlivened the atmosphere by “One-Minute Applause”, and then led everyone to introduce themselves and communicate with each other by the session “I Know”, which bridged the distance between each other. After that, in the “Human Alphabet” session, students acted in groups and used their body movements to pose “LOVE”, “HAPPY”, “LUCKY” and other positive words to improve the sense of teamwork. In the session “A Journey to Trust”, students experienced the power of trust and cooperation. At the end of the activity, students used their imagination to draw group trees and took pictures with them. Along with the song A Loving Family”, everyone looked forward to the future, filled with hope and expectation for their upcoming university life. The activity ended successfully in the song of A Loving Family”.

Through this group counseling, the students felt the warmth of the group, enhanced the sense of collective honor and responsibility, and also had yearning and directions for their university life. It is expected that in the future study and life, the students can unite with and love each other, join hands to move forward with confidence, and spend a good time in Jilin University.