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The College of Communications Engineering Holds “Spring Blossom” Flower-pressing Activity

March 9, 2023   browse:

In order to fully implement the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of Jilin University (JLU) and the strategic deployment of the “Three Major Projects”, and fully respond to the call of the women’s committee of JLU, the women’s committee of the College of Communications Engineering (CCE) organized the “Spring Blossom” flower-pressing activity on 9 March to celebrate the International Working Women’s Day, aiming to enhance the cultural atmosphere of CCE, improve the artistic and aesthetic cultivation of CCE teachers, and enrich the cultural life of female faculty.

Zheng Dong, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCE, and Chai Hua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the event, which was hosted by Liu Xingtong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Women’s Committee of CCE. A total of more than 40 teachers from CCE participated in the activity. Secretary Zheng Dong extended his gratitude to the female faculties of the college who have been working in the front line of teaching and research for many years and made great contributions to the development of the college. Zheng also asked the women’s committee of the college to continue to play its role in the future, organizing various activities and contributing more to the development of the college.

A handicraft teacher was invited to give on-site guidance and detailed explanations of the process of making photo frames with pressed flowers. Based on their own ideas and preferences, CCE teachers made unique photo frames.

The relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, beautiful flowers and exquisite works have brought happiness and a sense of accomplishment to the teachers in their busy routine work and life. The event was well received by all the participated teachers, and they said they were looking forward to the next happy gathering. In the future, the women’s committee of CCE will hold more cheerful activities for teachers to relieve stress, experience happiness and blossom in the garden of CCE!