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College of Communication Engineering holds a Seminar for Returning Postgraduates in the Spring Semester of 2023

March 13, 2023   browse:

On the morning of 13 March, 2023, the College of Communication Engineering held a seminar on the return of postgraduates in the spring semester of 2023, hosted by counselor Liu Fang, with a total of more than 20 postgraduate representatives attending.

Firstly, Ms. Liu Fang briefly introduced the purpose and significance of this seminar and encouraged the students to share their recent thoughts, suggestions, and difficulties. After that, all the postgraduate representatives expressed their opinions freely. The 2020 postgraduates shared the situation related to preliminary defense and employment, saying that most of the students have already signed the work contract, and those who have not yet signed the contract are also choosing and waiting for preferred jobs. They did not face the challenge of searching for a job. The 2021 postgraduate representatives shared their winter vacation experiences in life including having a fever, in studies including conducting scientific research and social practice. The 2022 postgraduate representatives said that the students have gradually carried out research in the laboratory, and they were well-adjusted to the busy daily routine. The doctoral representatives said that the students’ research work was progressing orderly and most of them had papers and results in the pipeline. With life gradually returning to normal, the students’ study and research are also going to be standardized. Finally, Ms. Liu Fang suggested students actively participate in sports and cultural activities while working hard on scientific research, strengthen their bodies and be responsible for their own health, and hoped that students could actively communicate with the college when they encountered problems and give feedback to the college in time, and also encouraged everyone to contribute to the college activities.

The seminar ended in a warm atmosphere, which enhanced the communication and exchange among teachers and students and laid a good foundation for the smooth development of related work in the new semester.