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CCE Members’ Commitment to Shenzhou Mission with Full Dedication

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Posted on: 2017-11-17

On June 26, the reentry capsule of Shenzhou-10 landed safely. By far, China’s fifth human spaceflight mission has gained a complete success. Behind this, there is tremendous hard work from the researchers of the College of Communication Engineering (CCE).


The late Professor Dai Yisong, CCE’s well-known expert in weak signal detection, led his research team to conduct long-term and fruitful research, and took the lead both home and abroad in reliability screening of semiconductor devices based on low-frequency noise. Since 1998, the research team has been engaged in the reliability screening of some key components of the operating system in spaceflight mission. In 1999, the research team was awarded by the First Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. In 2000, as the leading unit who did the actual writing, the team was involved in the development of screening technical criteria for electronic components of a domestic research institute. In 2003, after the success of Shenzhou-5 mission, the team was awarded by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. In 2007, the team participated in the development of reliability screening criteria for key components of a certain institution.


The team members have been highly devoted to component screening and testing for the successful launch of the carrier rocket. For more than ten years, all kinds of testing has met the standards without a single error.

The participating researchers regarded it as an honor to engage in spaceflight mission. In the future, they will make more efforts and contribute more to the safe and reliable launch of the spacecraft.