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1st Teaching Competition for Postgraduate Teachers Successfully Held in College of Communications Engineering

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Posted on: 2018-12-29


On the morning of December 28, 2018, the College of Communications Engineering (CCE) held the 1st Teaching Competition for Postgraduate Teachers in Room 304, No. 1 Teaching Building, Nanhu Campus. The event was intended to enable course teaching to play a better role in postgraduate education, fully improve postgraduate teachers’ professional quality and teaching capability, as required in the Notice on Conducting the 1st Teaching Competition for Postgraduate Teachers of Jilin University by the Postgraduate School. Judges included teachers with rich experience in postgraduate education and postgraduate students. The competition was observed by Tang Lishan, Deputy Secretary in charge of postgraduate work; Chen Wanzhong, Vice Dean; and Liang Dong, Director of the Postgraduate Office, together with over 80 postgraduate students.

After introducing the judges, Moderator Mu Xingchi announced the scoring guidelines for the competition: Scores given by expert judges accounted for 50% of a contestant’s overall score. Scores given by student judges accounted for 30%, and scores on teaching plans accounted for 20%. Seven competing young teachers then gave demonstrations on one module of their own curriculum.

The judges scored on site according to criteria including whether the contestant has optimized the teaching content; whether the teaching has focused on the disciplinary frontier and methodology; whether the teaching promised effective results; whether the contestant adopted case-based teaching to explain classical theory construction, breakthroughs in key issues, and progress in frontier research; whether the contestant enhanced students’ awareness of innovation, learning and training of methodology, ability to acquire knowledge, identify problems,, conduct research on their own, and solve actual problems; whether the contestant arranged the blackboard writing orderly while properly utilizing multimedia courseware or IT; whether the teaching plan prepared by the contestant clearly demonstrated their design intent, arrangement process, and method application. While waiting for the score announcement, judges Zhao Yan, Guo Yubin, Cong Yuliang and Chen Wanzhong delivered comments on the performance of the seven contestants. They praised their attitude towards and passion for teaching, and recognized how their teaching content and the way it was presented would improve students’ capability. Then they shared their own teaching experience and offered suggestions for young teachers to improve their teaching methods. Student representatives also interacted with the teachers. And then followed the awarding ceremony.

According to the final scores, Wu Ning won the first prize; Hu Yunfeng and Yu Shuyou won the second prize; and Wang Ping, Shi Yiran, Guo Hongyan, and Wang Xue won the third prize.

The competition served as a platform for our postgraduate teachers to display their teaching skills, and played a promoting and leading role in fully improving the professional quality and capability of postgraduate teachers, and ensuring the quality of postgraduate education.