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College of Communications Engineering of Jilin University Held 2020 Academic Seminar on Major Project “Automobile Active Safety Coordination Control and Application Verification under Limiting Conditions”

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Posted on: 2020-10-12

On September 15, the annual academic seminar on the major project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) – “Automobile Active Safety Coordination Control and Application Verification under Limiting Conditions” which was charged by Professor Chen Hong from the College of Communications Engineering, was successfully held through both on-line and off-line methods. Around 60 people attended this seminar, including Professor Zhang Chenghui, Professor Xu Zhongwei, and Professor Chen Huiyan from the Guiding Expert Group for Major Projects; 10 specially-invited experts including Academicians Guo Konghui, Zhen Nanning, Wang Yaonan; as well as project team representatives, main responsible people from project coordination units, and members from the Department of Information Technology of the NSFC.

Vice President Zheng Weitao delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Jilin University, explaining the significance of studying automobile active safety control under limiting conditions for securing people’s life and property safety, and introducing the project progress and fruitful results achieved so far.

Wu Guozheng, Chief of Section 3 of the Department of Information Technology of NSFC, stressed in his speech that the seminar should start with problem-solving to discuss new scientific issues and major development during the project operation, and pay attention to cooperation and communication during the pandemic, and vehicle control in the times of AI and big data. He also raised specific requirements of in-process examination for major projects.

The expert group listened attentively to and asked questions about the work reports delivered by project leaders and responsible people of each subject. Academician Wang Yaonan, leader of the expert group, summarized the opinions of the expert group, and emphasized that the project should be driven by significant demand, pay attention to the future direction of automobile development, and seize the trend of human-vehicle-road coordination. To that end, he recommended that active safety be studied and verified on both conventional and new energy vehicles. In her concluding remarks, project leader Professor Chen Hong asked people in charge of specific subjects to further strengthen mutual cooperation among subjects, and clarify the verification platform for research results according to the experts’ suggestions.

After the seminar, leaders of all subjects discussed the details of the implementation plan for the next year and clarified all the tasks needed for in-process examination, and hence laid a solid foundation for the project to progress smoothly.