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JLU’s Executive Vice President Zheng Weitao Conducts Surveys in the College of Communication Engineering

September 2, 2022   browse:

Recently, Zheng Weitao, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jilin University Committee and the executive vice president of Jilin University, together with his group, went to the College of Communication Engineering to conduct investigations and surveys. Wang Xue, a member of the college’s leadership, and a young professor who was awarded as Tang Aoqing Scholar participated in the survey.

During his visit to the first teaching building and the communication laboratory building in Nanhu Campus, Zheng visited the information processing and intelligent control laboratory, JRobot DreamWorks, and other innovation laboratories, and communicated with teachers and students engaged in scientific research.

At the subsequent symposium, Sun Xiaoying, Dean of CCE, reported on the development of the college in recent years from the aspects of discipline and specialty, talent cultivation, scientific research, faculty construction, and talent introduction.

Zheng Weitao affirmed the development of the college and fully recognized the steady progress of CCE facing the pressure imposed by scientific research and teaching during the pandemic. He said that the battle against COVID-19 has honed the will of the leadership group, teachers, and students, and cultivated talents who are committed to scientific research. Meanwhile, he put forward three suggestions for the development of the college. First, he hoped that the college can take the “three major projects” as an opportunity and solve practical problems and key technical problems for the country based on the development reality of the disciplines, in order to build the foundations for national development. On the way toward achievements, CCE should endure loneliness and be dedicated to research. Second, the college should attach great importance to the construction of the teaching team. Through high-level teaching quality and a first-class teaching team, CCE can guarantee first-class scientific research, and adopt a teaching method that integrates science and education to cultivate first-class talents. Third, the college should emphasize the training of high-level and high-quality doctoral and master’s students and improve students’ innovation ability to boost the development of the college.