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CCE Holds the Activity of “Cyber Security Class Participated by Both Teachers and Postgraduates”

September 12, 2022   browse:

According to the universitys arrangements, the College of Communication Engineering of Jilin University held the special activity “cyber security class participated by both teachers and postgraduates” online from 5 September to 12 September, so as to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important thoughts on boosting Chinas strength in cyberspace.

Students first watched the cyber security lecture, which introduced the common types of online fraud ranging from telecom fraud, and fake shopping fraud to impersonation of acquaintance fraud. Students have learned how to avoid scams, and how to build a “security barrier” to defend against these frauds. In the discussion, the students actively participated, shared their views on cyber security, and brought up many tips to identify internet information. The discussion motivated students enthusiasm in communication, brought students closer to each other, and refreshed students’ understanding of cyber security.

The activity is conducive for students to further understand and learn cyber security knowledge, enhance their cyber security awareness, and prevent online fraud. It has also improved students ability to recognize, avoid, and fight against fraud. Meanwhile, the lecture has guided students to contribute their strengths to build a better and harmonious campus network environment by becoming participants and contributors to cyber security while learning cyber security knowledge.