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The College of Communication Engineering Holds 2023 Work Retreat

February 24, 2023   browse:

On February 24, the College of Communication Engineering held the 2023 work retreat, in a bid to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of JLU, the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the “Three Major Projects”, and other work arrangements of the JLU party committee. The participants focused on talent training and discipline construction of the college based on their own work and talked freely about the plans for 2023. All members of the leadership group of CCE, the director of the academic committee of the college, the chairman of the degree evaluation committee of the college, and the heads of all departments attended the meeting. Lu Guanglin, the liaison officer of the party construction of JLU, attended the meeting as a guest. The meeting was presided over by Zheng Dong, secretary of the CPC committee.

Dean Sun Xiaoying first delivered a speech at the meeting, in which he analyzed the structural characteristics of the college’s teaching team, further summarized the college’s discipline construction, talent training, and faculty construction, and pointed out the necessity of using existing resources to embark on a development path with the characteristics of CCE. By forming unified understanding, giving full play to the synergy of collective leadership, and improving the working mechanism of the allocation and collaboration between party and administration, the high-quality development of the college can be further promoted.

With the theme of “Seizing Opportunities, Actively Pursuing New Breakthroughs in the College”, Vice Dean Zhao Yan reported the main ideas and measures of the College’s scientific research and talent work in 2023, combining with the main development indicators of the 14th Five-Year Plan for the College’s development in terms of scientific research and faculty construction.

Vice Dean Yan Xuezhi put forward work measures on how to improve the training quality of postgraduates from the aspects of ideological understanding, institutional system, and curriculum construction.

Vice Dean Li Xinbo analyzed the current situation of undergraduate teaching, clarified the goals and plans of undergraduate teaching, and reported on the focus of undergraduate teaching in 2023.

Vice Dean Shi Yuping reported on the administrative work priorities of the college in 2023 from several aspects, including the work of the Teacher’s Congress, the optimization of office environment of CCE, and the improvement of communication with alumni.

Vice Dean Hu Fengye pointed out that it is important to clarify the development strategy of discipline construction and foreign affairs. Hu insisted that CCE should explore new models of international exchanges and deal with the challenging problems in the discipline construction, and corresponding countermeasures were also put forward.

Liu Xingtong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, reported that in 2023, the ideological and political education of graduate students should be more precise and targeted by improving the education system, and exploring the combination of party building and ideological and political education. At the same time, suggestions were put forward on the work of the women’s committee of the college and the construction of its WeChat official account.

Chai Hua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean, took “Creating a Healthy and Vibrant Campus with Belongingness” as the theme, and put forward the work measures to strengthen students’ ideological and political education, improve management efficiency, and strengthen the vitality of student organizations.

Lu Guanglin, the liaison officer of the party construction of JLU, attended the meeting as a guest and fully affirmed the achievements of the retreat. He hoped that under the leadership of the party and administration team of JLU, the college will continue to focus on JLU’s 14th Five-Year Plan in terms of talent training, ideological and political education, scientific research, discipline construction, and international exchanges and make scientific plans, thereby achieving new fruits and reaching a higher level.

Zheng Dong pointed out in the summary that this efficient, practical, and well-prepared retreat has achieved fruitful results, in which everyone thought in-depth, spoke freely, and got familiar with each other’s work. The retreat not only unified thinking, but also clarified the challenges with collective strength, and further reached a collective consensus. By making specific missions, the retreat motivated the faculty in promoting the high-quality and connotative development of the college.