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First Overseas Quality Course for Postgraduates Starts in the College of Communication Engineering

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Posted on: 2014-09-18

The College of Communication Engineering (CCE) has opened the first overseas quality course for postgraduates on September 6. The course, Convex Optimization, was presented by Dr. Ling Cen, a senior scientist of British Telecom Research Center. Mr. Zhao Xiaohui, Dean of the CCE, attended the first lecture. CCE faculty representatives and postgraduates who selected this course also participated.

At the beginning, Mr. Zhao, on behalf of all the CCE faculty and students, extended warm welcome to Dr. Cen for visiting. He pointed out that this course offered a practical math tool, through which we can solve scientific and engineering problems in such disciplines as signal processing, communications and control. Mr. Zhao also expressed his hope that students should cherish this opportunity to attentively learn from Dr. Cen’s lecture and draw form the precious theoretical knowledge and experience included in that.

Dr. Cen systematically introduced the course from theories, application, and algorithm. She also talked in great detail about relevant papers and scientific research in the light of questions concerned, model construction and deduction, as well as system simulation and coding. After the course, the faculty and students discussed with Dr. Cen to great extent and in great depth. She also meticulously answered all the questions from the teachers and students, drawing an informative and rewarding end to the course.

By inviting world-renowned scholars to the CCE, we aim to improve our talent training programs to an international level, expand our capacity for scientific research and innovation, accelerate the development of frontier disciplines, and cultivate more innovative talents, thus achieving the building of a first-level college.