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Third Oversea Quality Course for Postgraduates Ends in the College of Communication Engineering

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Posted on: 2015-09-11

Recently, the College of Communication Engineering (CCE) has successfully completed the third overseas quality course for postgraduates -- Performance Analysis of Wireless Communication Systems, presented by Professor Hongchuan Yang from the University of Victoria, Canada. Mr. Zhao Xiaohui, Dean of the CCE, attended the opening ceremony.

At the beginning, Mr. Zhao, on behalf of faculty and students of the CCE, welcomed Professor Yang for returning to the alma mater and giving a lecture. He mentioned the importance of the course for those who wanted to work in this field. He hoped all students would value this opportunity to carefully learn about important theories, methods, and research experience from Professor Yang.

Professor Yang elaborated, in English, fundamental theories on and technologies of wireless communication from a new perspective. He reviewed the history of wireless communication and explained the current communication systems, with a focus on some key technologies, such as digital communication over wireless fading channel, statistical fading channel model and its performance analysis, diversity techniques for fading mitigation and self-adaptive transmission of channel, etc. Then he moved to multi-carrier modulation/OFDM transmission, together with spread spectrum transmission, and shared his thoughts on some key issues in communication, including selective fading channel and inter-code and inter-symbol interference. Through deduction, Professor Yang also explained the usage of multi-carrier modulation/OFDM techniques for sending and receiving signals and mitigating interference. In the end, from MIMO transmission and other advanced technologies, channel capacity and physical implications of MIMO systems were deducted and illustrated, and multi-user MIMO system explained.

All teachers and students thought of the lecture as informative and rewarding, which enabled them to understand the frontier of international communication and experience high-quality teaching methods of a foreign university. Three successfully hosted quality courses for postgraduates have all been well received and praised across the whole College.