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Reserch highlights

First Seminar on Wireless Networks and Communications Held in JLU

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Posted on: 2017-11-17

As mobile communication technology develops fast, the application of new technologies, such as 5G, has caught wide attention. On October 29, the first Asia-Pacific Seminar on Wireless Networks and Communications was held in Dongrong Conference Center on Qianwei Campus, JLU. This seminar was co-organized by Division of Science & Technology, Office of International Engagement, and the College of Communication Engineering (CCE) of the JLU. Many famous experts on international communication were invited and delivered special academic reports, including Professor Li-Chun Wang of National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, Professor Vincent Lau of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dr. Dong In Kim, editor of IEEE Communication Letter, and Dr. Ying-Chang Liang, the chief scientist of Institute for Infocomm Research of Agency of Science, Technology, and Research in Singapore.

Chen Gang, Vice President of JLU, attended the seminar and gave an opening speech. JLU experts and scholars of this field as well as heads of hosting departments all participated in the opening ceremony, and hundreds of faculty and students of the CCE joined the conference, which was chaired by Zhao Xiaohui, Dean of the CCE.

Vice President Chen Gang extended warm welcome to the experts and pointed out that with the rapid advancement of science and technology as times moved forward, wireless networks technology had witnessed swift development, significantly improving the efficiency and quality of people’s work and study, as well as profoundly changing their lives. This seminar would pose positive impact on promoting academic exchanges and cooperation in wireless networks and communications among experts and scholars in the Asia-Pacific. Meanwhile, he fully recognized the efforts of the CCE in building disciplines and cultivating talents, with a hope that the College would take the seminar as an opportunity to establish a platform for academic exchanges with its counterparts both at home and abroad so as to further its scientific research capacity in related fields.

The opening ceremony was followed by informative academic reports from experts on personalized cloud and communication services in future 5G wireless communication systems, key technologies of video stream processing in the upcoming 5G wireless communication systems, the problem of device-to-device communication relay selection in heterogeneous cellular networks, etc. Dr. Ying-Chang Liang’s report, with a title of “Cognitive Wireless Networks: Enabling 5G Mobile Communications”, focused on key technical problems in cognitive wireless networks in 5G mobile communications. In the end, Professor Zhao Xiaohui elaborated critical issues of power control in cognitive wireless networks.

Every expert and representative of faculty and students all actively participated in the seminar, widely and deeply discussing their interested topics in wireless networks and communications. Scholars gave detailed answers to questions raised by faculty and students.

The CCE has remained committed to the development and research of wireless networks and communications, cultivated a large number of much needed talents. The successful convening of the first Asia-Pacific Seminar on Wireless Networks and Communications has facilitated exchanges between CCE faculty and their peers, enabled faculty and students to understand the scientific and technological frontiers of wireless networks and communications, and opened their horizon for research. This seminar will play a positive role in accelerating the College’s academic research in this field.