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Three winners of the Outstanding Youth Fund visit the College of Communication Engineering for academic dialogue

March 9, 2021   browse:

Submitting time2014-11-05

At the invitation of the College of Communication Engineering, representatives of the winners of the National Natural Science Outstanding Youth Fund visited our school for academic dialogue on October 31. The honorees are respectively, Professor Chenwei of Tsinghua University: winner of the National 5.1 Labor Medal, Chief Scientist of the Youth Scientist Special Project under the 973 Program; Professor Song Lingyang of Peking University, and Associate Professor Gao Feifei of Tsinghua University.

Dean of the College of Communication Engineering, Professor Zhao Xiaohui attended and hosted this academic meeting. Also present were some 200 students and faculties representatives. In the meeting, the three distinguished young scholars each delivered thought-provoking academic reports, respectively titled “Brief Discussion on the Past, Present and Future of Communications”; “Overlapping Coalition Formation Games for Future Wireless Networks”; “Sensing and Recognition When Primary User has Multiple Transmit Powers”. There was an in-depth discussion, and the speakers answered the questions from the audience thoroughly and carefully. All in all, it was an engaging and enlightening event.

The National Natural Science Fund Committee established the Outstanding Youth Foundation with the aim of fostering quick growth of young talents of science and technology, nurture a cohort of outstanding academic leaders that will be on par of the world’s cutting-edge level. The College of Communication Engineering highly emphasizes talent nurturing, especially for the nurturing of young teachers. Through dialogues and exchanges such as inviting outstanding young scientists to hold academic seminars, we hope to encourage our own students and faculties, especially young teachers to further devote themselves to scientific research, and strive to scale the cliff of academia.